Macro bee portraits by Sam Droege.

Used to distinguish and catalog the thousands of bee species in North America.

via Hoploid

These are the bees’ knees!


The Proper Art of Writing (1655)

I stumbled upon these calligraphy examples on The Public Domain Review. They are taken from a 17th Century German book. Some of the characters are so highly decorated they aren’t even recognisable anymore. 

The volumes’ full title is as extravagant as the examples it shows:  The Proper Art of Writing: a compilation of all sorts of capital or initial letters of German, Latin and Italian fonts from different masters of the noble art of writing. See more here


embroidery and etching, April 2012

Lyndsey McDougall 


Made some progress on amber yesterday, doing the other half next month hopefully


Drosera sessilifolia.


Marcela Cárdena

Arbol de la Vida


My thoughts are well and truly stuck in last nights meanderings,
and I’m not fighting it in the slightest.


Happy birthday to German scientist Petrus Apianus, aka Peter Apian, born in Saxony on April 16, 1495. A mathematician, astronomer, and cartographer, he was a favorite of Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1540, Apian created Astronomicum Caesareum and dedicated it to his imperial benefactor. It was a sumptuous Renaissance instructive manual that explained, in part, how to use an astrolabe to calculate the altitude of the stars and planets. (Bibliotheque Nationale de France)