The sky is fuckin beautiful right now

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An old dip dye tee design I just found that I did for @bloodisthenewblack thanks to Mitra K. And @themthangsjuse for my intro to apparel and the tender age of 18 ❤️


This could be us, but you playin

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Nothing feels better than drawing and reflecting lately- no one’s company suffices but my own anymore. I’ve been enjoying these images born out of my own silence where I am reminded that the universe doesn’t care about my thoughts and feelings and that all of these natural processes are occurring all around and within us- expanding and contracting- no matter what we choose to grant importance to. It feels great to feel so small.

These drawings along with my Tarot and Daoism studies are helping me heal- in ways I didn’t even think I needed healing.


Daily sketch // Fluid





Mini paintings on cedar by Cathy McMurray on Etsy


Leif Podhajsky - 2013 - Follow | Leif Podhajsky - 2013 - Fiesta


Fresh, half arsed mullet - at the ready!

so the weather forecast for beatherder is “hotter than honolulu”
and I have no suncream. But I guess I’d rather be a crispy spud than a soggy one.